Thursday, April 30, 2009

tmz liesss


something has brought my attiton on a subject thats not true if you heard it, it was about tupac and he and he was at the club alive (hallelujah jesus thank ya) but this is not true this is a person that looks like tupac but not the real tupac if he was alive why in the pictures has no scare on the side of face from '94 wtf but he has no scares i still have my scare from 10 years ago thats not him and if that was him he faked his death and tupac can go to jail his not dumb he would have came out of hidding in september b/c when you fake your own death they give you like 13 ears and he died in 13 years ago in september do the math and where was he hidding for this long and why ???? i dont believe it but i know that in tupac's and biggie's death they still never found the people that "killed" them they might be alive but this tupac is not real but i guess tmz will do anything for some moolah .... i would!! you would too dont lie and your dumb if you believe in thats stupid stuff dummie
dont believe in everything
you can hear it here on arn.

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