Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bittersweet day

wow am soooo lazy this year for some reason i have
gave yu the best this last year but
THIS year is slow (bad thing) but i haaaaaad
too blogg today because this was one of things i want
to look back on in my life and read
,today was a bitter sweet day the sweetness
started first well i started today like every other
day nothing new but today i had on a shirt
that i made (for the ppl that knw ,yessssss am making tees now )
ppl that dont knw i always wanted
too bee a tee shirt designer and now am making
tees so am on my way. i went too school
and everyone like mee shirt then my good pal
micah was wearing the shirt that
i made him giving me some action then after
school of course the bitterness came along the bus
was late like 15min, my house keys
were in my moms car soo i had too wait outside
of my town hoouse for like 2 hours
my sister has keys but she was in a after
school thing for our schools tv station,
i made threee youtube videos on my blackberry
but i was just board so there not going up and
then my mom comes and my
sweetness came back and it was the
taste of fried fish