Thursday, January 29, 2009

get off my nutts

this one mean mexican dont get it worng i have a lot of mexican firends but this one is mean angry or something one pissed me off so one day at p.e we had free time cause it was block day and we stay there for at lease a hour and a half so me and my firends were playing kick the shit a game i made up and one of my fiends kicked it to hard and mexican got it so was going to get it like that boy on boyz in the hood so i say hey can i have my ball back he didn't say anything i say to myself i wonder if he speaks english so i said helllooow can you give me my ball back so i go any but i wanted to kick him right in his mouth that BI@#% motherf%^&*# but god told me not to so i see him again and say can i have my ball back 'nothing' so i say it like a teacher to a retarded person 'nothing' he then said fuck you i said yo momma and he left next time i am playing kick the shit i am going to think about that guys face as the ball you can hear it here on arn.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i dont think this is true but some one said that guys gossip more than girls i herd this many times but it not true to me i dont no about you so if we do gossip at all we talk about girls and guys (no homo) like did you hear what happened to that bomb ass girl in 2nd period yeah she... you know but not like you girls out there you know who iam talking about i mean if guys gossip so much why dont they have a magazine called gossip guy no they have a magazine called gossip girl so thats one thing i know that girls gossip more than guy do they wouldnt just say lets make a magazine called gossip guy for no reason so put that in your pipe and smoke it you can hear it here on arn.

putting up signs

me and my black firend , isac was putting up signs for the yearbook and the cost so we were doing that and a teacher comes out of her room and sees what us niggers were doing and she said oh i dont think the principal is not going to like that TAPE "to myself i say those are lies, what the f the TAPE ??? why wouldn't she like the damn tape think about it 'TAPE' wooow thats not true" i dont know so she was going to the office and ripped the flyer off her room door and we put a new sign on her door lol ha ha ha you can hear it here on arn.

Friday, January 23, 2009

todays art is ...

this my art that i made today the one on the left is a gun which i draw at home when i came from school the gun is from my sister's shirt then i draw it and other things on it then the on the right its the new ipod i draw in history class 1 st period the ipod came from my friend and i draw it with lady legs soo that it you can hear it here on arn.
draw arn draw

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


if you want to see the trailar go to
i love pixar movies so i must see this movie it looks funny and the best movie my number 1 movie is toy story and it also a pixar movie you can hear it here on arn.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

bellflower bus

i just remembered on friday me, my sister and her friends went to tams and we are to leave before the bus leave so were leaving and the bus comes lol we where running calling the black women on the bus we missed it so we saw this other bus stop and sat until it came the funny part is we where waiting and i saw a bus yelled the bus is coming and everyone was ready to go and it was the wrong bus damn it we all started to laugh you can hear it here on arn never miss your bus.

Friday, January 16, 2009


my aim 9:04 pm: Yo arn i started aim not to long ago and i have 7 buddies not that many so i only have like 4 people that are on aim now why did the other people say i got a aim i be on it all day but i never see you on then i tell them the next day and they say o i was on aim you didnt see me even though i been on aim all day you can hear it here on arn.


disney is going gay with all this gay stuff like new shows new movies new teen sensation and crap i went to disney it said the pourd family was coming on but it was hannah montana ever when you look on google and put disney it say do you mean: Disney Mily cyrus that gay but am guessing little kids like that you can hear it here on arn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

american idol 2009

american idol is all ready funny but what ever season it is might be funner than she bang she bang so this person with a Afro was singing and they were laughing at him it was lol and there was a guy called sexual chocolate funny name right he didnt make it i laughed at him for getting that tattoo srry for all of them tha didnt make it but luck for all those people that made it and hope next year is funner thank you people for putting your self in the place so we can laugh at you, you can hear it here on arn.

girls + weed = dont buy it

some people saw this movie it funny as hell well after the movie i went to special features and went to deleted scenes they were talking about weed (duuh) saul the guy on the right said to dale in the middle i was trying to get some girl to buy so weed but they didn't and more stuff dale said girls might smoke weed but dont buy thats just wrong it was true and funny the way he said it if you have the movie check it out you can hear it here on arn.

toca bell

i love their packets(but i dont like hot i like mild) they say funny thing one time one said i love a other said will you marry me , thanks for getting me , and the starws pit on me when everyone leaves lol they are more but for got some the next time you go to taco bell read one some will make you laugh you can hear it here on arn.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

silly rabbit

silly rabbit i will be so mad at those stupid kids saying silly rabbit trixs are for kids i will probably go mad crazy are just kill all of kids in the world and fest on trixs and wont even give a fudge but then i will go to jail for killing all the kids in the world and for breakfast i'll be like where is my damn trixs *beep* *beep* then kids jump out of costumes and say silly rabbit trixs are for kids i'll get so mad i'll just eat so coco puffs and say what the heck you can hear it here on arn.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

art in my mind

1. is my sister and her best friend
2. is a paintball head man
3. is my sister at prom or a dance
4. is my tv exploding with the ocean life
5. is a magic pencil and other things
6. is my sisters friend at school
7. is something i made in vegas in august
8. is a pint up of a girl and a bike

you can hear it here on arn

Monday, January 5, 2009

back to school

so today we went to school it's a bitter sweet moment for me cause all of the winter break i been wit my family now i can see and talk to my friends i saw some old friends today too i hate some girl teachers cause they always say homework is blank blank blank my boy teachers say there is no homework why is that you can hear it here on arn

Saturday, January 3, 2009


last year in 2008 was crazy but fun we have our first black president in us of a and history is name is Obama we had money problems every were gas want up then down kanye west has a new album called 808 in heartbreak i like some of those songs o.j went to jail in vegas finally berrie mac died (he was one of the funniest black comedian) from some sickness forgot what's it called we had the olympics in beijing i had fun in vegas with my family so happy new years you can hear it here on arn