Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now in vegas

so now am I vegas it's be four days now we are all having fun we stayed in the plalozzo it's a nice place to go now we are on our way to south point I never been there but my mom and dad have they say it's a nice place so here we come oh and were coming back on the 3th so were going to go to that crazy new year party thing yeeah yeah get some bye you can hear it here on arn.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

vegas time

today me and my family are going to vegas and we are going to have lots of fun so bye readers of this blog if they have a computer i can use i will blog some more but if not i will beg my dad if i can use is iphone you can hear it here on arn.

Friday, December 26, 2008

mailbox paper

mailbox paper who uses those any way i bet they just put that in for the people who dont have any mail then they said we sould do that to everyone's mailbox you can hear it here on arn.


i love to go to ross and today we (mom dad me) went to ross they swiched it around and stuff i didn't like it one bit and why all the ross have to look messy and the ross mannger was just walking around i guess he didn't see the mess i did but they have nice graphic ts' and nice shoes too you can hear it here on arn

Thursday, December 25, 2008

monsters vs alines

monsters vs alines is going to be funny as hell i saw the trailer and it made me laugh it comes out march 21st of 2009 it a dreamworks picture movie and it in 3D i wil go and see it if i was you its going to be funny you can hear it here on arn

parents just do understand

parents just dont understand i know everybody knows that song it a good song too well they dont understand i was doing my blog and my mom said go and take out the trash i said in my head wtf but i had to do it and she knew i was working on my blog and my dad was acting all cool the whole day whats wrong wit him jk but parents just dont understand =D you can hear it here on arn

one of my art pictures

this is the joker that i draw after i watched the dark night which is the best batman movie ever you can hear it here on arn

i know its the hoildays

i know its the hoildays but me and my family are skipping xmas like the kranks but were not go to hawwii were going to vegas and were there until jan. 3 (get some yeah yeah) you can hear it here on arn

how it all started

it all started when i heard of a place called blog spot my un named sister had one so it was up to me if i wanted to make one so i did which you are reading every word of it ( i know there is no a real plot of this story but just keep reading) so i came to my mom computer because mine was taken by my unnone named sister and started making a blog thanks for reading you can hear it here on arn.bye. p.s there wil be more were this came from