Thursday, June 25, 2009

michael jackson is died

thiller picture
did yu guys know that michael jackson dided this afternoon
my mom just told me omg but in
everyones life's mj was the sh!t at
one point and i know i
though that when i was little he was the king of
dance and singing
and the weird thing is that i was on
youtube looking at the old music videos of mj
he was only 50 too when
he died mj suffered a cardiac arrest earlier
this afternoon at his holmby hills home and
mj had no pulse and they
never got a pulse back damn
thats bad man family and friends was
at the hospital supporting and stuff i never would think mj would
die i was thinking that mj will
never die i guess i was wrong
he will alwys be remember
as the king of music and i alwys
wanted to see him in real life so i can tell
my children that i meet the king of music
back in my time that yu can meet
but we will alwys
have his music and it really
hard to belive that
the king of pop and music
is died like really died and thing about
it is that i was talking about him

bye bye michael jackson
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chris sucks

new one
F@#% chris
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


aim / back of aim

el&ndarn / old school pin up

arn girl / back of arn girl
new and better tess
i just made these
like them

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

this are cool

life is / back of life is
3d pin up / 3d pin up in black pin up / back of pin up paranoid / back of paranoid jasmine / goosebumps

some of you know this all
ready but i wanted
to be a tshirt designer
and i have
found this place
called where
yu can make these
cool tees and save
then to yur pc or whatever
i like all of them i just made these
like 15mins from
now which is 9:19pm
so comment if yu
want to i think
there nice i would buy these
tees for like 10 bucks each would yu???
one day
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

blue book

my sister gave me her blue book i alwys
wanted it and she gave it too me
yess so now i can draw
more thing b/c i have blank
pages thankx bigg sis
here are all of my drawing i have
done so far now
sometimes things just come to my
head so i draw can yu guys give me some
ideas thanks for reading arn.
1st page
my sister, brandeee eye arn music is my girlfriend
the end
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

schools out :)

schools out bby
well as you can see schools out
its sad and happy
at the same time b/c yu cant see no friends
and i wont go out really
b/c am lazy and the good thing is everyone
needs a vacation sometimes
and now its summer vacation and its
whatever b/c i still have summer school
that starts on june the 29th
and i dont know
when it ends but everything has to end
my theme song for
this summer:
there's 104 days of summer
vacation till school comes along just to end it
so the annual problem for our generation
is finding a good way to spend it
like maybe! building a rocket(not that smart),
or fighting a mummy(lets battle),
or climbing up the eiffel tower(not in a lifetime),
discovering something that doesn't exist(yu),
or giving a monkey a shower (mj),
surfing tidal waves(i cant),
creating nano
or locating frankenstein's brain(naw),
finding a dodo bird,
painting a continent,
or driving your sister insane(brandeee) as you can see
there's a whole lot of stuff to do
before school starts this fall
so stick with me 'cause arns blog
is gonna tell it all
so stick with me 'cause arns blog are
gonna tell it all!
&nd i mean all
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

girls + weed = dont buy it

so the people that saw this movie, pineappleexpress it funny as
hell i would say this is one of the funniest
movie i would put it in my top 5 movies well after
the movie i went to special features
b/c i have the special disk one
and went to deleted
scenes they were talking about weed
(duuh) saul said to dale
i was trying
to get some girls to buy so weed but
they didn't buy it man .... dale said girls might smoke weed but dont
buy it they mooch of of guys weed thats just wrong,
it was true and funny the way
he said it you
have the movie check it out my
friends (girls) smokes weed but some dont buy now
yu see more and more girls buing
weed yes improvement

girls + weed = 85% of them buy
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

the breakfast club

what happens

tH3 cR3w

well every one has a crew i believe but not like
mine we are kind of

like the breakfast club to me

but we have fun it in the week not
but whatever lets get to the crew members
my crew starts mee with :Arn!!!!!
than my best friend in the girl category :Rachel

my nigga since 4th grade: Leon

my light light nigga: Trey

and the new kid :Yu, Yu is his name we chillin in 2nd period everyday

we dont do anything

in the class anywy soo we

chill and laught alot (we be alwys loud then a mofo)

its alwys funny in ms.brooks


breakfast club.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009



soo today was my church bbys bday and they
had a bday party for him his name is
ryan but we just call him
bby ryan its longer
but thats what we call him idk
why but thats life as i was sayying at the party
they had a person to do face painting and she was
good and i said i want a reptar on my
cheeks and she said okay lets look him
up on my iphone okay then she finds a picture
and stars painting and it feels
funny but the after work is boomb look she does good work

am a kid again and what.

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oh and this is my 100 post yess!



Paranoid - Kanye West

so this video is boomb but i have a question for kanye west why did you use rihanna instead of yur hoe jkjk amber rose why but other than that i love your videos that you do thanks for entertaining me wit yur videos

why yu so paranoid ???

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Friday, June 5, 2009

twitter or blogger

twitter freak

so you guys can see from my last
blog is dated
saturday may 23, 2009
and today is my first
in about 13 days ago but am
srry i just been on twitter a lot b/c
i can do it form my
sidekick lx which
if somebody has an extra memory
card plez past it on to me
i need one
but if you guys want
yu guys can hit me up
on twitter
i will most likey be on
for ever unless.....
you can hear it here on arn.