Thursday, June 25, 2009

michael jackson is died

thiller picture
did yu guys know that michael jackson dided this afternoon
my mom just told me omg but in
everyones life's mj was the sh!t at
one point and i know i
though that when i was little he was the king of
dance and singing
and the weird thing is that i was on
youtube looking at the old music videos of mj
he was only 50 too when
he died mj suffered a cardiac arrest earlier
this afternoon at his holmby hills home and
mj had no pulse and they
never got a pulse back damn
thats bad man family and friends was
at the hospital supporting and stuff i never would think mj would
die i was thinking that mj will
never die i guess i was wrong
he will alwys be remember
as the king of music and i alwys
wanted to see him in real life so i can tell
my children that i meet the king of music
back in my time that yu can meet
but we will alwys
have his music and it really
hard to belive that
the king of pop and music
is died like really died and thing about
it is that i was talking about him

bye bye michael jackson
you can hear it here on arn.


  1. This a sad say, im bout to cry dawg. i made a tribute to him, so i made a shirt, go check that out

    its a sad day :(

  2. this is a great tribute...check me out...