Thursday, April 30, 2009

tmz liesss


something has brought my attiton on a subject thats not true if you heard it, it was about tupac and he and he was at the club alive (hallelujah jesus thank ya) but this is not true this is a person that looks like tupac but not the real tupac if he was alive why in the pictures has no scare on the side of face from '94 wtf but he has no scares i still have my scare from 10 years ago thats not him and if that was him he faked his death and tupac can go to jail his not dumb he would have came out of hidding in september b/c when you fake your own death they give you like 13 ears and he died in 13 years ago in september do the math and where was he hidding for this long and why ???? i dont believe it but i know that in tupac's and biggie's death they still never found the people that "killed" them they might be alive but this tupac is not real but i guess tmz will do anything for some moolah .... i would!! you would too dont lie and your dumb if you believe in thats stupid stuff dummie
dont believe in everything
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

your watching family feud

mail mail and moe mail

so today when my mom came home off of work we all were in the living room watching family feud and we were shooting out the answers and making it seem like we were there but we was not there duhhhh but one questions got all of us the question was : HOW DO HIND WHAT U GOT FROM UR HUSBAND WHEN U WENT ON A SHOPPING SPREE??? and this old ass lady was like CHECK THE MAIL lol wtf is the problem with this lady and we all said whaaaaa??? even the lady that was next to her said whaaa??? it was lol hahaha i would always think before i say anything on tv dummie lol i would never go on a game show unlessss....

no mail today

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(this video has nothing to do with this blog)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the "n" word

the "n" word i think the only people that can say NIGGA is blacks and whites, whites b/c they made it up for us colored and blacks b/c we were called NIGGAS so that gives us people rights i think, in my book, but for some reason now everyone uses it idk why but they do i went to costco for do ummmm good pizza and i went in line and these group of mexicans were talking and all i heard was MY NIGGA i was shocked b/c i was right there they saw me and they say it anyway like they didnt give a f but idk what is wrong wit people today but you cant do anything about it now but on an other note why is this mouth going slow

nigga plez

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Monday, April 27, 2009


now today was my sister is b day and she wanted to see obsessed for some time now so my dad said okay we would go for your b day and we didnt go to school and they didnt go to work so we just chilled in the morning but i was sleep so when i got up i made my sister a card and made a joke about her boyfriend then she got her two betstville bags and $20 then we got dressed and went to the movies to see obsessed it one of the best movies this far in the year it was funny you were on the edge of your seat the whole time and it was psycho and it was.... i dont what to say a lot a about it but you guys have to see it its a good movie and at the end.... srry i happened again but plez go see it if you didnt all ready and after we did that we went to parker's light house umm nigga you didnt get any hahaha you guys went to school hahaha but go see obsessed now!!!
&nd this is one movie beyonce is not singing lol

are you obsessed???
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yesterday i went on my phone and i was kind of tired of my old theme so i go to download catalog and looked it all the themes and found two themes i like so i purchase a volcom one and the other one i found was a other volcom so now i have 2 volcom themes and one joker from the dark night so i go downstairs and show my mom and sister and my mom said dont do that ever again go and purchase a theme with out telling me first i say its 3 dollhairs wtf then my sister says let me see it and she says ohh all of that for 3 dollhairs that a waste and i was like whaa??? this is boomb and then i went upstairsand was like i think its boomb still and it not their phone so why does it matter to them

volcom is tight
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

saturday school

this saturday sucked

this is my second time going to saturday school this year but it wasnt my fault that i went this time ms.zentgraph science teacher gave me a parent thing to sign for science fair and the next day i guess she gave me detention but didnt tell me and the next day forgot it at home then the next day i come in late and go to tardy sweep and she guesses that i forgot it or didnt get it signed so i come in thursday and she trys to bring it up in class that i ditched so i tell her off kind of in front of the whole class the room was quiet and i told her off and then when everybody got their backpacks and ready to go to lunch i bring up the sat. school and she going to say its b/c you didnt do the detention and i made that up the other day and had to wait an hour for the bus and she says no it for monday and i said i did that one too when i made up the other one and i though my mom is going to handel the rest but she forgot but i told myself ms.zentgraph is going to reserve a lot of hell come next week and i made somethings at sat school.

mooo ha ha ha

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Friday, April 24, 2009


okay now i went to school yoday and about everyone i saw had a mohawk and i was like wtf are these niggas {not just black people every raise} was wearing a mohawk and i think thats so poser-ish because they got that from a rocker person and if your not a rocker you shouldnt wear a mohawk but i cant do any thing and they had it like was a fade and then a mohawk on top i dont like them i think people should go back looking like they were in 2001 or 2002 b/c back then there was not really a style and if it was it was baggy jeans and a bomb t-shirt but you
can't have it your way
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

love ?????

so as some of ya know danger got eliminated off of the love of ray j show i know i'm not the only one, who thinks ray j should have not eliminated crazy ass danger off the show i think she was the boomb-est one out of all of them but am not ray j i guess he wanted a bartender (i remember when i had my first beer) i dont know really but cocktail doesnt seem right to me and unique looked like a old ass woman and danger was cute and out going but dangerous at times but thats makes danger her self i hope he doesnt make a number 2 b/c he messed up on 1 but it might happen they could make a book called elimination for dummies just for ray j


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

09 spring break

it is over 2009 spring break today was the last day and the hottist day and i was in compton wit a lot of black people in a tint outside and i am light skinned so i was hott as hell spring break was fun while it lasted but its over i had a good time and i wish it was longer thats what she said.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

gayy fish

do you like fishdicks?

jimmy makes up a joke that the world loves and cartman
wants to take all the credit for the joke
then a tonite show host said the joke to rapper kanye west
but kanye thinks everyone is calling him a gay fish but
i doesnt get the joke then he trys to
solve it by himself but didnt
get anywhere and now he wants to kill the
person who made up the joke
but killed the person who said made it up
then jimmy and cartman go on ellen show and kanye west
almost killed jimmy and cartman but
cartman told knaye that ego makes you believe other things
some people have egos so out of wack and they dont believe what people
tell you and your ego want let you think other wise
then kanye goes to find underwater gay love
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Thursday, April 16, 2009


yogurtland vs. yogurt flavor

some people say that yogurtland(yl) and yogurt flavor(yf) are

the same but correction their not yogurtland came out first so yogurt flavor

is a jocker then yl yogurt is better in

taste smell look and flavor yf is okay its nothing to bragg a about but i hate when people say lets

go to yogurtland but we go to yogurt flavor

and yl's toppings are sooo much better then yf toppings

yl brownie are real brownies and yf

brownie are fake they taste like crap but i dont know what crap taste like

so now you know some differences between yl and yf

yogurtland is better

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sidekick art

its spring break and am on my phone, texxting and one of my friends said i like your sidekick back its bomb you should do that for people that have sidekicks i could i said thats a good idea then am just chillin i though to myself i should post a blog about that here it is so if you have a sidekick i could cut stuff out for you and put it on the back of your sidekick but if you have a case its easier but if you dont i could put it on the back of your screen i will do it for $5 only kind of like mine its ms.frizzle from magic school bus and she is saying arn! under the case then the back of the screen it say ms.frizzle the truth about bats with a bat if you have a book or magazine i could do it for you or if you want to pick from my bag of scraps
aim me "yoarn" :D

thats alll
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Monday, April 13, 2009

if you dont know now you know

if you dont know i want to be a t shrit designer if you want to read it
the blog is called
soon to be ... designer its in the march blogs
but if you knew
i know you guys are saying to your self i wonder if arn created other t shrits
i have made other t shirts and here they are...

eye arn


animal flower

greeting from arn




whaa time is it

kanYe West

cut here

hey sexy

color in

the wiz


easy e

aim me if needed

the end
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

i might be slow but...

i might be late but theses belts are bomb i never saw these at my school so i might scoop these up and wear them they are sooo bomb and you can each a real sketch on your belt and you can take a part the lego ones and put anything you can build with the legos and they come in different colors but they are too high they want $85 for the lego belt and $87 for the each a sketch one no thanks i might just make one myself i aint got nobodys job to go to or nobodys money to spend no thank you but no thanks, thanks for the idea though

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wtf you can drive

hahaha my sister drove my dads car today while we were going to the carwash when my dad called my sister he said were going to go wash my car you and your brother and my sister like a little girl can i drive daddy and dad said yess so when i got i the back seat i was nervous ass hell b/c my sister doent know how to drive that good so i pray at loud and she stared to drive down the street and making turns she did good until she turned in the carwash she went fast then it jerked us and bummed the bottom or the car and then she stop and dad stared to teach her how it was scary i though i was going to die or something but we made it home alive

buckle up
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3finger ring

i always want a three finger ring and today while my mom was making delicious stake i was on google looking at pictures of the rings i notice that rihanna and erykah badu were them and the one above is one of the boomb-est ones i ever seen it says new america but she spelled it erica like she spells her name which is erykah i like it i hope i sould get one but i wouldnt wear it everyday like other people
i wish
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


me and my sister always have fights about my sidekick lx she wants to use it and i want to use it but then one day her phone stop working and i think thats not good for me let a lone my sister but Jesus came down and my mom had a blackberry dash and my sister been wanting that phone for a long time now and my mom got the new blackberry from t-moblie and today she got it now i can go on my phone and not hear arn can i use your phone b/c now her phone is kind of like mine btu a little better i hope she doesn't loses it (now we can share phones yesss)
new phone
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bus talk

for the people who dont know this i take the bellflower bus every monday wendsday friday so everyday i will be quite and just listen to the conversations thats going on, on the bus and i dont know if they know that thats why i dont talk period on the bus nothing then everybody will know everything but the dumb people out there dont talk on the bus

texxt instead

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skinny jeans are soooo gay to me guys need to stop wearing them but really i saw a black guy at my school he looked so gay they were tight and black and white it looked bad why cant us niggas meaning guys can"t go back to waering baggy jeans or old navy jeans

find new jeans
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

billboards talk too

i live in a kind of black neighborhood and so days ago i have saw a new billboard i have noticed it was a churchs chicken bill board i think thats so black of people to put that there where there are a lot of black people live over here they know that from the government or some where that black people are there i dont know but i kind of think thats a good thing b/c black people and mexicans love churchs and a little bit of whites but i think its races too me thouh but i could be
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Friday, April 3, 2009


my imeem is working now i am give ya the best of arns playlist ;arn

international day

international day was today at school i dont know what is up wit this year but last year was soooo much better than this one but i liked it so when i go to school you to your 1st period and stay there until the booths and things are done that at whaa ever time its was we went out to the international day it was cool more booths then last year but are they better i 1st go get all my tickets and i first purchases a balloon from my sisters friend friend, bunny then me and my nigga put our balloons under this booth and for got to get them so we got assed out but then i went to get a sunday it was good as hell but then i lost my niggas so go to the dancing part of international day and they were there so hanged out there then it got boring so went wit my azin nigga and i went to make a C.U.D.D.Y bracelet b/c i knew they had a booth wit bracelets they said i could put anything so i put cuddy it was bomb then i found my nigga mike and we got a bigg as britto and it was only 6 tickets i think thats all ohhh wait i also tried to win a fish but it was dumb b/c they die in a week or so the 4th5th&nd 6th period was coming up so went to go get a krispy kreme paper hat then went to zentgrafs class and then instead of go to her class wanted us to go see nemo annoyying 5th was okay then 6th we saw this movie that was about mexicans in math class boring
but life goes on
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april fools

april fools this year was okay i never really made a prank
on anyone i life i dont think but my friend said to his dad i am
gay daddy and his dad flip out and then he
said dad april fools i only really did one on my 1st period
teacher and he is sooo anal and i sat in my friends seat and then she sat in
mine and when he came in ..
he got all anal and said "arn can you plez go back to ...
and i interrupted and said april fools hahaha it was funny and everyone
was laughing he got mad haha bitch
but that all then i did things to friend but it was better than last year,
last year nothing happened i guess no one was in it last year but i hope next year is better
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