Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the "n" word

the "n" word i think the only people that can say NIGGA is blacks and whites, whites b/c they made it up for us colored and blacks b/c we were called NIGGAS so that gives us people rights i think, in my book, but for some reason now everyone uses it idk why but they do i went to costco for do ummmm good pizza and i went in line and these group of mexicans were talking and all i heard was MY NIGGA i was shocked b/c i was right there they saw me and they say it anyway like they didnt give a f but idk what is wrong wit people today but you cant do anything about it now but on an other note why is this mouth going slow

nigga plez

you can hear it here on arn.




  2. i think nigga should just be eradicated from everyone's language; regardless of creed and colour.

    & the mexicans say nigga cos most times they're heavily influenced by hip hop culture.

  3. I think nigga is the most retarted word in the world. I think nigga is the most retarted word in the world. Mannnnnnnnnnn I watched the Boondocks too much and Riley got me saying nigga all the time, shit I called a white dude a nigga. I felt as if my vocabulary had been shattered. nigga is very ignorant, even when you're playing around.

  4. also disagree about the white part!!!!!