Monday, April 27, 2009


now today was my sister is b day and she wanted to see obsessed for some time now so my dad said okay we would go for your b day and we didnt go to school and they didnt go to work so we just chilled in the morning but i was sleep so when i got up i made my sister a card and made a joke about her boyfriend then she got her two betstville bags and $20 then we got dressed and went to the movies to see obsessed it one of the best movies this far in the year it was funny you were on the edge of your seat the whole time and it was psycho and it was.... i dont what to say a lot a about it but you guys have to see it its a good movie and at the end.... srry i happened again but plez go see it if you didnt all ready and after we did that we went to parker's light house umm nigga you didnt get any hahaha you guys went to school hahaha but go see obsessed now!!!
&nd this is one movie beyonce is not singing lol

are you obsessed???
you can hear it here on arn.


  1. omfg
    i totally disagreee
    it was SLOW af
    i love beyonce but this aint austin powers boo, you got to be able to act.
    and that white girl was crazy af.
    and it TOOK way too long for beyonce to kick her ass.
    but yeah ima stop rambling.
    (p.s. if yu wanna kick some ass but a boot in it ;-)