Wednesday, April 29, 2009

your watching family feud

mail mail and moe mail

so today when my mom came home off of work we all were in the living room watching family feud and we were shooting out the answers and making it seem like we were there but we was not there duhhhh but one questions got all of us the question was : HOW DO HIND WHAT U GOT FROM UR HUSBAND WHEN U WENT ON A SHOPPING SPREE??? and this old ass lady was like CHECK THE MAIL lol wtf is the problem with this lady and we all said whaaaaa??? even the lady that was next to her said whaaa??? it was lol hahaha i would always think before i say anything on tv dummie lol i would never go on a game show unlessss....

no mail today

you can hear it here on arn.

(this video has nothing to do with this blog)

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  1. Check the mail...I'm a have to think about that for awhile lol