Monday, February 23, 2009


today Google wants to act so gay so when i went on the computer and tryed to get some pictures for future blogs in march or what ever i tryed to get a picture and when i clicked on the pic it said: Oops! This link appears broken. suggestions go to search on Google: for the picture you was looking for Google toolbar help - why am i seeing this page?©2009 Google - Google home. that was annoying b/c anything you go on is power buy Google thats not smart to do cause when Google is not working everything is not going to working i hate that but now it working you can hear here on arn.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Google me

when i was on Google today i dont know but i put in my sisters blog url and nothing came up that was hers then i started to think i wonder if can put mine in and would something come up or not so i out mine in and i said dang i did know Google was psycho but my blog came up and i clicked it and it went to my blog i felt important like V.I.P or something like that so the next time you go to Google make sure you put my blogs url and if you have one see if you can get yours up or not you can hear it here on arn.

wasted memory gone

one day in math class before 7th period i was sleeping in my class then my partner woke me before my teacher saw me and i said why do we learn this stuff were never going to use in a life time this is dumb but we learn it i think its wasting memory or space in our brains and they just want to fill it up until we blow up in too millions of pieces science history some what of english p.e. math and some electives but they say we need this for your life but one day if i need it i will have it i think we should learn what we need for our lifes not theirs you can hear it here on arn.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

or your mattress is freeeee!!!!

i was watching the news with g money and and saw sit&ndsleep commercial i though he looks the same when i was a little kid!!! i dont know why but i think they photoshop his face or did some work on his face he looks the same it looks like he is stuck in neverland and dont age or just have good jeans but i will get to the bottom of it you can hear it on arn.


today i dressed like a white boy i had my navy blue old navy sweater white t under and my old navy jeans with my addias i think i looked very nice but it was out of my style i as ways where a graphic t with old navy jeans and thats my thing that i do very day but today was different but i like it still may i will become a men's fashion designer &nd make my own graphic t's &nd navy blue sweater you can hear it here on arn.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

el &nd arn

me and my sisters friend named lauren aka el we stayed up all nite taken pictures &nd i think this is the first time you guys see my face looks like all my blogs you dont see my face and my icon picture you dont know who i can be but some of our pictures are funny some are ugly but they are mint to look like that you can hear it here on arn.

brain problems

i hate when am lazy b/c i did these new blogs they where in my brain but i said i am going to write it down or blog about it but i didnt now its like i have to do it so i want forgettb/c am a forgetfull person dont no why but i am now i have a blog in my head so this is all you can hear it here on arn.

music to your ears

on nite i was cutting up some stuff and my sisters friend said arn come here and listen to this and i said no not right now but i went any way so i put the ipod headset it my ear and i heard the worse sould you can here in the world it was my sister singing a laryen hill song called nothing even matters and i started to laught and then all of us stared to laugh and it was funny b/c me and sisters friend was making jokes it was funny and it went on for a hour and a half but it was worth it you can hear it here on arn.
if i can get the song i will put it on i tunes then on this blog

v-day dance

whaa the fudge the middle school v-day dance was so Gay it wasnt like the other ones were you can see and no whaa the songs say so when i went to the dance it was raining and they had us staying out side and i was pissed and when we went it was light and then they put the lights out you could only see cellphone light the djs turn tables and the door to out side and you could even get it on b/c they're was like all the middle skool teachers watching but i got some from daisy secrete and two black girls i didnt no oh and destiny but i all most got cot so i went some where else and some of the music was mexican and i did know whaa it aid so i didnt dance to it, it could say something like fuck niggas and obama can suck my dick or america is gay so no thanks other than that ever thing was ok you can hear it here on arn.

different is not always cool

if your trying to be different dont do it cause lil mama did it the worse she is trying to be different like the mtv awards why in gods name did she put that baby costume on her mom should have told her she looked bad i bet someone said something i would have thats just sad to do that to your self in other news on the dancing show aka abdc or maybe even americas best dance crew she be trying to stand out i dont even no why they choose her to be a judge or whatever why dose she need to be a judge i think they could have just said tina turnner can be or judge or miss piggy whaa the f look at the picture on the left whaa is she doing and whaa the hell is she wearing lil mama and that name is annoying you can hear it here on arn.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

7th period o my word!

we are going to talk bout my 7th period it ok 1st of all i hate to stay after school for anything but dances are cool but other than that i dont like it so 7th started thursday &nd its on thursdays and tusedays until april something i no only six ppl there name is droppy money tony juan chan-dee &nd i forgot the other per sun name but it ok my teach is boring as hell but it easy so its not really a prob. you can hear it here on arn.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

report card

well today i went to check the mail and we got our report cards so i hoped my report was ok or good so my mom opened my report card and i pecked at it i had a pretty good report card i had a C+ in us history a C in pe in graphics i got a B+ (i love graphics) science a D in english a F and a B- in pre-algebra 8 i though to by self how did i get a f in english class i try a little and its after lunch when your brain is full of other things and i could belive that ms.zentgraph (science teacher) gave me a d i was shocked cause i dont like her you can hear it here on arn.

the cleveland show

if you want to see it go to ...
i am going to watch this it looks funny as hell and i dont know why he has a new family but they look funny i belive its still going to have peter and his family but if it didnt it still going to be funny and did you know the voice of cleveland brown is a white guy named mike henry but you watch it if you like funny cartoons or just to watch it you can hear it here on arn.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

are you my pen pal?

if you went to frank woodruff elementary school when you was little you did this letter every month you give someone in the class or ""soldiers"" letters called pen pals i remember those they were cool cause you can put anything like what's your name and what do you do ? and things like that you also had to draw a picture and mine was the best (go arn it's your birthday) but all of them looked like nothing much and bad part about it we didn't get one back those hoes you can hear it here on arn.