Sunday, February 15, 2009

v-day dance

whaa the fudge the middle school v-day dance was so Gay it wasnt like the other ones were you can see and no whaa the songs say so when i went to the dance it was raining and they had us staying out side and i was pissed and when we went it was light and then they put the lights out you could only see cellphone light the djs turn tables and the door to out side and you could even get it on b/c they're was like all the middle skool teachers watching but i got some from daisy secrete and two black girls i didnt no oh and destiny but i all most got cot so i went some where else and some of the music was mexican and i did know whaa it aid so i didnt dance to it, it could say something like fuck niggas and obama can suck my dick or america is gay so no thanks other than that ever thing was ok you can hear it here on arn.

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