Wednesday, March 25, 2009

changed my life

blogger has changed my life and effect my life tonite when i cam home i went to go say whaa up to dad then went in the dinning room to turn on the computer and then i went upstairs to take off clothing and my mom thought to herself that i was going to go to sleep but i wasnt i told her i wasnt and that blogger is my life and she said i have 7 min. to blog i said thats not enough time mom and sweet talked her in to let me stay on so i can blog but i notice that blogger is like weed you get addicted to it and never go back i would not know what i would do right now if i didnt have blogger in my life but you guys might think oh he just write shit down and nothing else but its more then that you can hear it here on arn.

tardy swep

tardy swep
i go to bellflower middle/high school and me and my friends were talking in p.e and i said did you no that mayfiar aka gayfair doesnt have tardy swep and we do one of my nigga said thats gay b/c we have to go and stand up and they could just go to their class but i just say i am in in house and you get to sit down and chill while everybody else has to stand and i hate the people that watch us stand but ms.candy candy she lets you talk sometimes but the others say dont bend your knees or move just stay there and stand but you no me helll no you can hear it here on arn.

Monday, March 23, 2009

kanye &nd amber

word today is...
that kanye’s using model amber rose to attract attention to himself in other words their relationship is ""FAKE""! snitches say that kanye has cast amber as a robotic police officer in the video for his single “Robocop”a other snitch says “kanye’s popularity has dipped a little in recent months so what better way to get people intention again than by stepping out with a stunning model - and then casting her in his video People magazine will be tuning in to see the sexual chemistry”and why would you snitch that a rule you dont do and she is bald but that should stop a relationship cause a person is bald you can hear here on arn.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

soon to be...designer

ever science 5th or 6th grade i wanted to be a graphic t-shirt designer and now am trying to make that happen and a really in it instead of just waitting until it drops out of the sky i already did three of them they are a picture i drew like last year then there is a b day one and there is a worm sandwich one i still thingk of some so if you guys have any ideas on some live a commment on this blogg post

i am maybe going to be like thee next hot topic or something like that i hope one day when i do i will open stores every where and still have my blog so i can give you guys up dates and stuff like that you can hear it here on arn.

annoying people in life

today while my mom and dad were gone i come down stairs to go on the computer to try to upload this video for youtube and i turn it on and my g money comes out of the downstairs bathroom and says arn get off the computer and go clean up the bathroom andf dont go on the computer until its down i get mad saying why grandma why she said cause it dirty and you guys need to get it clean i said thats annoying and she said life is annoying(noooooooooooo) no it isnt people make life annoying annoying thats what i think how is life annoying no answer b/c life isnt people are you can hear it here on arn.

Friday, March 20, 2009


you tube it a place top see thing happened funny thing cool thing maybe even boring things but today my friends and me made like 6 videos but someone was thinking they were filming but they wasnt so now we have like 4 or 5 but they are all funny as hell well duhh am in it but yeah if anyone wants to see it go to "i dont know yet" but am trying to put the flim on my computer but when i do i will post a blog about it i'll keep ya posted you can hear it here on arn.


march 16 2009 i have found a place that i can write things about anything like a blog you can say but its called twitter and you can only write so much it cool my post was: i love twitter its like my new blogger but now i could do this from my phone yessssss and i have followed 13 people and they are lauren london, r kelly, biggie, tupac, nba, elen, kanye west, jay-z, rihanna, sister, and maybe you my twitter is go check it out you can hear it here on arn.

b day

my b day was the best to start it off school was perfect it felt like everyone was all cool and chill and no one gave me a hard time or anything and to go with a perfect day comes a perfect evening i went to sleep the second i wall in the door boomb sleep then getting woke from my mom saying happy b day my b day boy and am happy b/c i know i am going to get my stuff now i got toy story my movie right there and a $100 hot topic card gotta love it my ear pierced plugs and old navy shorts and shirts then we went to t.g.i fridays i got this cheese cheese burger ummmmmm and fries then they song to me and i got some free ice cream you can hear it here on arn.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fountain hoes

today after school when i went to the water fountainn to fill up my cup i remembered when i was little in elementary we use to get mad at the geeks and nerds when they fill up there water bottle and we only have one min. until the bell rings for recess and we use to get their bottles and trow them and tell them to get out the way and sometimes we count to 5 or 10 if you like them and then you move but now i dont have to worry about that you can hear it here on arn.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the list

well my b-day is cumming up and i have made a list for my family and friends and hoes i dont know if they will full fill these wishes but i hope so so here it is :

b-day list:

*more hoes
*plugs (blue and green)
*hot topic gift card ($50)
*moo' la(money)
*sidekick case(clear)
*spray paint(black)
*art frames
*art paint
*art canvas
*old navy jeans (5-8 pair)
*toy story the movie

i made this list on my sidekick lx
and send it to my sister and dad and the homies
you can hear it here on arn.
its my b-day its my b-day were going to party
like its my b-day

my joker and easy-e t

my t-shrits damn it !!!
(these t-shirts are the real t-shirts i have)
on thursday i went to school and it was an okay day after 4th period at lunch my friend said he was going to get a shirt like mine i had a mad face on but then he said it was the joker t shrit that i had but then he said but i didnt get it and there is my friends firend had a t shirt it a easy e

shirt and he has it too i was mad when my little niggas said he had the shirt but i got over it i felt like jay z in that song joking joking jay z but it is what it is you can hear it here on arn.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


i think these little kids today need to chill out or go out side and play wit some of your friends so am on my blog and watch my video on boxcuuhz and i see the sherch bar and put in my one of fav song , bring me down by kanye west and i see this video with this guy on there i think singing so i clickedc it and this kid sings the song how i found this kid on top (thats what she said) is going to the kids youtube page and see this other kids and click them lol they are funny and some have alot of views i though to myself that i can do this too but i cant sing but ether can they it might happened look out for that you can hear it here on arn.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


so if you didnt hear by now cause am a little late but quest crew on abdc aka americans best dance crew well they won season 3 i dont think they could have won just b/c i think they were ok but not like the boxcuterz i think they should have won i like their style and stuff &nd the girl is boomb too but i like how they are clean and their moves are tight or beat freaks should have won b/c they were tight and they did some thing that boys could do and some stuff they did better than the boys i think this video of boxcuterz is bomb but am not a judge you can hear it here on arn.

Friday, March 6, 2009

annoying people

annoying people

every where read this please you guys need to chill out some times i know i hate you guys and everyone else hate you too so stop damn it so one day i was planing on blog on blogger not myspace so am writing in my sidekick waiting for my g money to peck me up and i am there and a annoying black lady was coming to park i was thinking in my head and i think she doesnt know how to park so she blows her honks so i can move then i go in front of this white car behind her and like a black person she wanted to back up closer like ne-yo so she honks again i move then jesus please com me down and then my ride comes you can hear it here on arn.

school check

school check ups are so gay i dont know why they do this but they do in pe class people was saying we are going to get a vi-cecta-me and a but check i said heeeell no i am not for that shit but then i asked mr.sear do they have to check us and he said yepp so iwas going to fake like my arm or something broke then go to the school nurse and the say oh i got better but i did do it so when we go in side to the lockers asian lady was like make a line and wait i was was freaking out but then yo see that they check you back i was like thank you jesus you can hear it here on arn.


puck ass dentist
i went to the dentist to get my tooth fix because it was chiped so when we go to thee dentist i hate to go in waiting rooms i seems like time is always going slow and shit so we wait and the sun is going down thats i know we been there a long ass time then they call in said sit down and open your mouth i felt like was in a prono or something thats one thing i hate about thee dentist is that they put things in your mouth no no thats not kool but my tooth looks like it was never chiped thank you dentist you can hear it here on arn.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

new myspace

i havent been on myspace for a long time in 2008 so when i went on my myspace i remembered that i told myself on new years that i was going to change it up cause it was not new-ish so when i went on my page i said i need a new default layout so i went on ******* and got a new and cool layout then add some new pictures i found on google and photobucket if you would like to see it go to www.myspace./ hope you like it and if ladies want to add me go ahead you can hear it here on arn.

nacho fries

the other nite me and family went to this place i always saw but never went inside or anything so when we get there we order so super fries and they are fries with nacho toppings like corn sata sour cream cheese and avocado they are good i though maybe these are not going to be bomb but dont knock it before you try it i didnt eat all of them you would have to eat with a friend or something my dad didnt even eat all of it so you know they give you a lot you can hear it here on arn.