Friday, December 25, 2009

one year anniversary

the bigg o.n.e yeah yuy guess it its my one year blogg 
anniversary me and my blogg have been through 
soo much mad sad happy excited everything 
 and i want to say i love yu blogg and 
lets go to bed (wink wink) 

when yur anniversary ?? 
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Friday, December 18, 2009

punch me in

today it bothered me that the type of soda
 i like isnt on the punchy things on top of the soda
 all they have is rootbeer, diet, cola and other
 wtf i would be had ass hell if i was like hi-c or lemonade because 
am not on the punchy thing, they have to punch in other for
 me why dont they have a lemon punch or
 hi-c punch like their not important or something 

soda unite 
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

there's phones then there's blackberries

oh my i dont think i told yu guys about my blackberry 89000 but i got one
 ,because my mom wanted a phone and my sisters phone has been
 acting werid lately and i didnt have a phone soo my mom got a iphone giving 
me her blackberry 89000 and my sister got a blackberry strom1 
and her friend got a blackberry curve 80000 and her friend got a
 blackberry curve
 go arn go arn go go go arn !!!!! 

blackberry love 
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Friday, December 4, 2009

award time

my homie, Supastarrr  ,awarded me wit an award i felt like i was at the ocars and i wanted to do a speech and everything but nooone is going to listen but am going to tell yu guys =] Check her out!

my speech :
oh my gosh i didnt know i was going to get this  to nite i feel so unprepared so i want to start off by say thanks to every follower and even the ppl i followed and didnt follow me back, bitches thanks and i want to thank my mom and god ... hold on arn am-a-let yu finish but superstarr had the best blogg this year ... wtf thats why she got a award just like me get off the stage kanye well thanks yu guys again see ya

post the award on yur blogg together with the name of the pplwho has given yu the award &nd his or her blog link pass the award too 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered remember too contact thee bloggers to let them knw they have ben chosen for this award :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


lies ppl tell to 
us i hate it so
,they internment 
community said 
soul man was bernie macs
last and final movie 
and its not it's the 
new disney movie
coming out 
Old Doggs 
if yu dont
believe me go 
wikipedia it hoes
jkjk yur not a hoe 

cut, print, beautiful 
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Friday, November 20, 2009

too sour

back to yu tom
omg breaking news i just went to 
my cabinet and i went to get 
some sour punch 210 pack from costco
and i figured it out ,
the pack has four flavors 
the reason that i 
never notice it is because
the color of the other 
flavor is red so its
hard to see the difference
but i kno
the flavors are 
blue berry 
and strawberry 

is it sour 
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

fashion is in

dudde why do ppl with no fashion since make a fashion blogg it like me wit
 the book smarts and make children books why would i do that its 
not smart some fashion blogs like karla's closet (got it from my sister) i understand 
because it she dresses bomb and she was a bomb blog  but like 
rev run's son diggy fashion blog is annoying all the time and he has  house desgins
 and stuff not boomb  so this is my way of telling yu guys 
whats kool and whats not kool for fashion bloggs no diss to diggy tho 
i think my sister is going to have a fashion blogg 
so ill put the link later 

stay fashionable 
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


okay to start off this new blog i want to say srry to all the ppl that was wondering where my blogs where its just been so crazy lately and this day no one is at home so i had the internet all to myself so where goes my blog , okay joanna is one of my friends that are girls and she is the bombest artist ever so makes me want to draw and create my dreams here is her myspace she has a lot of her art on her pic albums so check it out.

keep draw'n
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

black dynamite

lol black dynamite is funny

i am tottaly watching this movie it looks

cooler than a jiveturkey and

if yu look carefuly yu can see the 
black guy on reno 911 
( time 1:21)
go check this movie 
out in theaters october 16th 2009

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Monday, October 5, 2009


hola blog hoes 
by now yu guys are a part of my lizz-ife (life) and
i want yu  guys to knw that i meet 
my goal of 150 follower and if 
i didnt follow yu yet i will get around it, 
it's just that school
is annoying and i have a lot but not that much hw
so i want to say to all my blog hoes thanks
and am sorry for not being on that much but i was waiting
until i had more than 150 follower and
my next goal is 250 so lets get there 
                                                             luv arn 

p.s i love blogger <3
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Sunday, September 13, 2009


omg yu guys they are going to 
make a movie
about where the 
wild things are thats
like my fav
book to read 
and never liked 
at all, i am 
going to 
see this movie 
one way 
or an other 
when it comes out
which is
oct. 16 th
go and see
it i think it might
be a good

wild things
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


today was bellflowers first day of school and i can say that it was a nice day nothing really went bad but the heat and my outfit was boomb but not like skinny jeans and a baggy white tee nope :( i dont like that but i was wearing my patent leather converse but they looked like some nikes and i had my old navy jeans and a rugrats tommy tee and my power rangers backpack (not new, the 1999 classic backpack) and this is my fall schedule :

                    COURSE TITLE :    TEACHERS NAME: 
1  Algebra                      Chiu
 2  Health                        Chen
              3  Draw/Painting A      Mayweather
     4  English                       Kubeck
           5  PE                               Vasquez H
     6  Science                       Vargas

i think it's a okay schedule its not a bad schedule but its not a good schedule

class is in
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pee pee

so on our way 
back from NV.
we'd stop to go
to the bathroom and
i came out and 
got in the car
with my dad aka young catt
and my sister aka 
brandy candy 
and we were in the
car and saw these three 
azin girrls walk up  
 a big bush 
too go pee but
the thing about that is that 
the bush is facing the freeway
with traffic wtf not me 
dummies why would
yu do that when yu can 
wait in line to 
use a nice gas 
station  bathroom

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sorry note

sorry yu guys 
that i havent done
any bloggs lately
it was only b/c i went school
shopping out of cali
which was fun 
and funny,
you guys
will see what 
am talking about
later so stay 
tuned at
sorry again

game over
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Thursday, August 20, 2009


i never knew that this happened before damn 

 one of the boombest  song i ever heard before in my lifetime on this earth


told you

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


so i was eating some cereal one day
and one the back i
was thinking eating my
cereal and competing a game 
thats what i was
going to do
i was totally
wrong it was like
some type of 
ingredients for 
the cereal i was eating
wtf i dont want to
read a long ass
list of ingredients
i want little kid
stuff color-ins 
puzzles and more
go back to the games 

give my games yu mofos
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

blogg brain

i hate when am lazy and dont do the
bloggs that are in my brain 
and just say ill do them 
later b/c i did this with a new blogg
and i said ill write it down or blog
 about it but i didnt now
 its like i have to blogg about it
 or write it down so i
 want forgett b/c am a forgetfull person dont no why 
but it a habbit i need to break now 
i have a blog in my head
 for tomorrow so look out for that 

brain juice 
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

walk . stop

the other day
when i was walking
when ever i go to one of these
light things
with the walk and dont walk
signs on it i alwys
keep pushing the button
and see ppl keep
doing it too
why do we keep
doing that its not
like the light is going to change
just cause yu do
it so stop
its hard to stop
(thats what she said)
b/c its a habbit
but we need to break it
idk why but
we need too.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

the best team of rappers ever in the world

i told you :P
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

wtf mom

i really mean this when i saw that i hate lucky charms my mom alwys brought it too but i just ate the marshmallows and throw awy the cereal it was not good and then they came out wit chocolate flavor and those were worst why cant they just give us the marshmallows their yummy and their magically delicious i knw am not the only one that thinks this so if yu love the cereal yur crazy and yu guys knw am right so dont eat it, it might make yu .....

clean up on the cereal aisle

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

despicable toy

i was on youtube this morning and
i saw a video on the video watched now cata.
and i saw despicable me
i dont know what that was so i click a pound
it and it was a trailer for it and steve carell is
going to the voice of the bad
guy for an non pixar
movie it looks good it comes out
july 9 10 so nine days after toy story 3
july 18 10 is coming out
and then yu guys already
knew i knew about toy story 3
i just wanted to put that out there
save some popcorn for the movie
you can hear it here

Friday, July 17, 2009

tetris is my weed

now i hae been playing tetris online on
yu guy have to go there its
so fun yu can play by yur self
one person even 5-6 people
i have been winning all of the games so far
so beat that mofos
my name on tetris is "yoarn"
look for me
but am going to win
so it dosent matter if yu see
me jkjk

this is the tee i made
because i love
tetris now
more than ever
game over
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what the jerk

now i know all of yu know about this jerkin movie and if yu dont go to youtube and search it up well i can say one thing that is a fact for sure my custon is going to be in the movie his name is
dawn i think his jerkin name is "******"i dont know but am goingto be in it too look out for me jerkin is a crime
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


so you guy already know about my
tee shirts and that
i make them my own
so now i have a blog that i can post
al of them on because
i have soo many of them and
still making more
so go to my other blogg
and follow me
i need al the support that i
can get so follow me on

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

together is better

it's good

you guys might say am crazy
but i am not i am just like making werid thing
up like if you go to a fast food
place i like to mix brisk and sprite together
its good so today before we went to church i was thinking
what type of sandwhich i wanted
so i saw that we had penutbutter and jelly
then saw turkey and chesse
but i wanted both
so i put them together
i got two slices of bread
then put a line through it wit the knife
then started to make two
sandwiches each on one side than
put it together and
yur done ready to eat
wit a nice cool soda and some
whola its a masterpiece
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Saturday, July 4, 2009


ever 4th of july we go get fireworks
and the werid thing about that
is this year there are
none i dont know why that is but
it is i asked my pops why and he said idk okay
nigga yu dont know but other
than that problem it was okay oh yeah,
we where going to get
some thris cream (ther*ice-cre*mm)
aka ice cream and we had coupons
for coldstone ice cream <3>
thats all i belive happy 4th of july if yu can
even be happy :(

4th of july '09

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