Wednesday, September 2, 2009


today was bellflowers first day of school and i can say that it was a nice day nothing really went bad but the heat and my outfit was boomb but not like skinny jeans and a baggy white tee nope :( i dont like that but i was wearing my patent leather converse but they looked like some nikes and i had my old navy jeans and a rugrats tommy tee and my power rangers backpack (not new, the 1999 classic backpack) and this is my fall schedule :

                    COURSE TITLE :    TEACHERS NAME: 
1  Algebra                      Chiu
 2  Health                        Chen
              3  Draw/Painting A      Mayweather
     4  English                       Kubeck
           5  PE                               Vasquez H
     6  Science                       Vargas

i think it's a okay schedule its not a bad schedule but its not a good schedule

class is in
you can hear it here on arn.


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