Friday, May 22, 2009

rich & poor

whaa u talking about...

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or if you can read it here,it says...
ashlynn: I dont deserve 2 talk 2 u because your Rich
and im poor. It's like 2 whole different
cultures so yah. Bye
what would you say oh and
it your friend that said this 2 u.
arn: wtf man am middle class am not rich i
wish i was but am not and if you are poor am not going to
judge you so why did you say
i was rich???
ashlynn: OMG I should have said that
Butt. they dont understand how offensive
it is, its like saying oh Icant talk 2
you because uR pooR.
And its a guy that said it 2 me .
Wat if its a girl that said it 2 u?
arn: i would say the same thing back it
wouldnt matter if he/she said it to me
&nd if they said i cant talk to you b/c
your poor am going to be like
wtf am NOT poor i am middle class.
why would you say am poor???
ashynn: thats true i mean im not Rich im
barely Middle class but they think
different. Idk y but this person is
mad at me.
i might try talking to him? But i dont
think guys like "talking" except you:)
Thank you anyway2.
arn: WELCOME,Aaron JacKson =)
what would you do???
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Monday, May 18, 2009

prom 09

prom itches
prom 09
this weekend that pasted it was prom
my sisters were going to it but their not even senors they're jr.s
but senors at heart
i love them they are funny as hell
and the thing about prom this year is
that brandi and lauren were killing the senors
wtf everyone else looked
busted and it their
prom to look good and another reason
they went is because they had to film for
our tv called buc tv these girls are the boomb

their blogs:

so check them out

prom 09 or bust!!!!!!
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day

mom = <3!!!!!!!!

happy mothers day to all the moms out there and the lades that are not moms but like a mom today was mothers day and it was okay it wasnt the best but it was okay first mom wakes up and me and sis make her breakfast like always and we get ready for church and go early b/c i have to sing and dance but not by myself that went okay then when i dance to mama by boyz ll men she stared to cry, tear , then we gave flowers to all the moms and i gave my mom the best ones after church we come home then dad was home and she goes upstairs and went to sleep me and sister watched soul food, good movie, then i made ummm good steak and potatoes family watching what happens in vegas lol funny movie now she is upstairs going to sleep, good nite mama cake happy moms day

love you mom

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

your annoyying .... i know

new boyz

i believe everyone has heard this song your a jerk one of the popular songs from new boys that you can jerk to i can jerk and i dont like this song its annoying NOW people played it out of style but i guess thats how you make mooo aka moola or money but i went to a dance at school a mouth ago and the dj played it like 3 times because that the only song we can jerk to i was annoyed then at lunch today and all last week people was sing your a jerk then at 6 period sub teacher was sing your a jerk and jerkin annoyed again and i am tired of it damn it stop it plezzz i want to kill people for playing or sing that song you no what you can sing "i eat the pussy" "i toot my shit" "never hungry" something
am not hate-ing am just saying nigga
something new
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i never understood why lever and other soap companys made their soap with the imprint of their name on the soap i always thought; i know what type of soap it is am not dumb and when you use the soap the imprint goes away thats a waste to me putting the imprint in the soap but i cant really do anything about it now can i , readers if you are a soap maker or you work in a factory that makes soap tell them dont waste money on buying that imprint so people can read names of soap, not smart thing to do putting arn on my soap when you get my soap the box says arn why does my soap need to say arn wtf

imprint this mofos
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