Friday, May 22, 2009

rich & poor

whaa u talking about...

^click it and read it ^

or if you can read it here,it says...
ashlynn: I dont deserve 2 talk 2 u because your Rich
and im poor. It's like 2 whole different
cultures so yah. Bye
what would you say oh and
it your friend that said this 2 u.
arn: wtf man am middle class am not rich i
wish i was but am not and if you are poor am not going to
judge you so why did you say
i was rich???
ashlynn: OMG I should have said that
Butt. they dont understand how offensive
it is, its like saying oh Icant talk 2
you because uR pooR.
And its a guy that said it 2 me .
Wat if its a girl that said it 2 u?
arn: i would say the same thing back it
wouldnt matter if he/she said it to me
&nd if they said i cant talk to you b/c
your poor am going to be like
wtf am NOT poor i am middle class.
why would you say am poor???
ashynn: thats true i mean im not Rich im
barely Middle class but they think
different. Idk y but this person is
mad at me.
i might try talking to him? But i dont
think guys like "talking" except you:)
Thank you anyway2.
arn: WELCOME,Aaron JacKson =)
what would you do???
you can hear it here on arn.

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