Wednesday, May 6, 2009

your annoyying .... i know

new boyz

i believe everyone has heard this song your a jerk one of the popular songs from new boys that you can jerk to i can jerk and i dont like this song its annoying NOW people played it out of style but i guess thats how you make mooo aka moola or money but i went to a dance at school a mouth ago and the dj played it like 3 times because that the only song we can jerk to i was annoyed then at lunch today and all last week people was sing your a jerk then at 6 period sub teacher was sing your a jerk and jerkin annoyed again and i am tired of it damn it stop it plezzz i want to kill people for playing or sing that song you no what you can sing "i eat the pussy" "i toot my shit" "never hungry" something
am not hate-ing am just saying nigga
something new
you can hear t here on arn.

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  1. Man, I feel you. I moved to the OC last year and everybody out here is super out of touch. They just starting to jerk, and they think jerkin is soooo cool and new. LOL! Then everybody be singing you're a jerk, like wtf? and they're white and asian, so of course it doesn't sound right. LMAO! Man, I share your annoyance, if that's a word!