Tuesday, November 10, 2009


okay to start off this new blog i want to say srry to all the ppl that was wondering where my blogs where its just been so crazy lately and this day no one is at home so i had the internet all to myself so where goes my blog , okay joanna is one of my friends that are girls and she is the bombest artist ever so makes me want to draw and create my dreams here is her myspace  http://www.myspace.com/surfingonajet she has a lot of her art on her pic albums so check it out.

keep draw'n
you can her it here on arn.


  1. i deff going to check it ou..
    follow me =)

  2. Long time no talk. . . i like what you did to the blog man, looks nice. Immature Central is out so come check it out and leave a comment about the blog. tell me how it looks, i need your opinion. thanks for the support