Friday, April 3, 2009

international day

international day was today at school i dont know what is up wit this year but last year was soooo much better than this one but i liked it so when i go to school you to your 1st period and stay there until the booths and things are done that at whaa ever time its was we went out to the international day it was cool more booths then last year but are they better i 1st go get all my tickets and i first purchases a balloon from my sisters friend friend, bunny then me and my nigga put our balloons under this booth and for got to get them so we got assed out but then i went to get a sunday it was good as hell but then i lost my niggas so go to the dancing part of international day and they were there so hanged out there then it got boring so went wit my azin nigga and i went to make a C.U.D.D.Y bracelet b/c i knew they had a booth wit bracelets they said i could put anything so i put cuddy it was bomb then i found my nigga mike and we got a bigg as britto and it was only 6 tickets i think thats all ohhh wait i also tried to win a fish but it was dumb b/c they die in a week or so the 4th5th&nd 6th period was coming up so went to go get a krispy kreme paper hat then went to zentgrafs class and then instead of go to her class wanted us to go see nemo annoyying 5th was okay then 6th we saw this movie that was about mexicans in math class boring
but life goes on
you can hear it here on arn.

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