Saturday, April 18, 2009

gayy fish

do you like fishdicks?

jimmy makes up a joke that the world loves and cartman
wants to take all the credit for the joke
then a tonite show host said the joke to rapper kanye west
but kanye thinks everyone is calling him a gay fish but
i doesnt get the joke then he trys to
solve it by himself but didnt
get anywhere and now he wants to kill the
person who made up the joke
but killed the person who said made it up
then jimmy and cartman go on ellen show and kanye west
almost killed jimmy and cartman but
cartman told knaye that ego makes you believe other things
some people have egos so out of wack and they dont believe what people
tell you and your ego want let you think other wise
then kanye goes to find underwater gay love
you can hear it here on arn.


  1. That episode was awesome! The part where Kanye was at the board trying to figure it out and the dude with the cheetah print pants in his entourage were so funny!

  2. omgg ,that episode was too funny (:

  3. agreed ; kick ass ep. thanks for following ! :]