Saturday, April 25, 2009

saturday school

this saturday sucked

this is my second time going to saturday school this year but it wasnt my fault that i went this time ms.zentgraph science teacher gave me a parent thing to sign for science fair and the next day i guess she gave me detention but didnt tell me and the next day forgot it at home then the next day i come in late and go to tardy sweep and she guesses that i forgot it or didnt get it signed so i come in thursday and she trys to bring it up in class that i ditched so i tell her off kind of in front of the whole class the room was quiet and i told her off and then when everybody got their backpacks and ready to go to lunch i bring up the sat. school and she going to say its b/c you didnt do the detention and i made that up the other day and had to wait an hour for the bus and she says no it for monday and i said i did that one too when i made up the other one and i though my mom is going to handel the rest but she forgot but i told myself ms.zentgraph is going to reserve a lot of hell come next week and i made somethings at sat school.

mooo ha ha ha

you can hear it here on arn.

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  1. Saturday school? I've heard of that but never experienced it lol I prefer iss ;)