Tuesday, June 16, 2009

schools out :)

schools out bby
well as you can see schools out
its sad and happy
at the same time b/c yu cant see no friends
and i wont go out really
b/c am lazy and the good thing is everyone
needs a vacation sometimes
and now its summer vacation and its
whatever b/c i still have summer school
that starts on june the 29th
and i dont know
when it ends but everything has to end
my theme song for
this summer:
there's 104 days of summer
vacation till school comes along just to end it
so the annual problem for our generation
is finding a good way to spend it
like maybe! building a rocket(not that smart),
or fighting a mummy(lets battle),
or climbing up the eiffel tower(not in a lifetime),
discovering something that doesn't exist(yu),
or giving a monkey a shower (mj),
surfing tidal waves(i cant),
creating nano
or locating frankenstein's brain(naw),
finding a dodo bird,
painting a continent,
or driving your sister insane(brandeee) as you can see
there's a whole lot of stuff to do
before school starts this fall
so stick with me 'cause arns blog
is gonna tell it all
so stick with me 'cause arns blog are
gonna tell it all!
&nd i mean all
you can hear it here on arn.


  1. i kno it feels weird schools out but its the summer and enjoy it cause before you know school will b startin again and check out my blog at filmingandfashion.blogspot.com