Thursday, January 29, 2009

get off my nutts

this one mean mexican dont get it worng i have a lot of mexican firends but this one is mean angry or something one pissed me off so one day at p.e we had free time cause it was block day and we stay there for at lease a hour and a half so me and my firends were playing kick the shit a game i made up and one of my fiends kicked it to hard and mexican got it so was going to get it like that boy on boyz in the hood so i say hey can i have my ball back he didn't say anything i say to myself i wonder if he speaks english so i said helllooow can you give me my ball back so i go any but i wanted to kick him right in his mouth that BI@#% motherf%^&*# but god told me not to so i see him again and say can i have my ball back 'nothing' so i say it like a teacher to a retarded person 'nothing' he then said fuck you i said yo momma and he left next time i am playing kick the shit i am going to think about that guys face as the ball you can hear it here on arn.

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