Thursday, December 23, 2010

like a dungeon dragon

wtf is the beef about its funny ass fuck lilkim needs to
stop shes just doing this cause shes a Flist star
and no one cares about her china doll face anymore. she
has to do this to be back in the lime light
lilkim might bee the first to do it
but nicki did it better
it also was funny that lilkim did the black friday
i though it was a sale for all
her old cds but i was wrong its her
reply to pink friday she didn't do a good
job. she tried to the Eminem diss with nickis voice in
the song but nicki had Eminem in her song soooo nicki won that
and its not like nicki didnt pay yo old ass pussy
homage so shut up
yur dumb then if yu are doing a diss song
wheres a tip:
get your own beat or
steal nickis beat not a old ass song beat
song wise nickis is better than lilkims
lyric wise nickis is also better
lilkims song was shit
and why the fuck did lilkim diss puff
he helped yo hoe ass
get to the top yu lose kim go get
another surgery on yur trash can face
love yu =D

1 comment:

  1. yea i agree....i think lil kim is being very immature about the situation and should just go with the flow...i cnt believe she expected to b the only female rapper in da game. shameful