Thursday, December 9, 2010

lets play the blame game i love yu

this is the best part of blame game i look forward to this every time i listen to the album

Ohh my God..
baby yu done took this shit to another motherfucking level!
now a neighbourhood nigga like me aint supposed to be gettin no pussy like this
got damn, got damn!, who thought you how to get sexy for a nigga
AmberR: yeezy thought me
yu never use to talk dirty, but now yu got damn disgusting, my, my god, where’d you learn that?
AmberR: yeezy thought me
look at you motherfucking butt ass naked with them fucking Jimmy Choos on. Who thought you how to put some … Jimmy Choos on?
AmberR: yeezy thought me
yo yu took yur pussy game up a whole ‘nother level, this is some cirque ‘u soleil pussy now shit!
yu done went all porno on it, k. and I, and I love it..And I thank you, I thank you, my dick thanks you!
how did yu learn, how.. how did your pussy game come up?
AmberR: yeezy thought me
i was fucking parts of your pussy I never fucked before. i was in there like ooh shit I never been here before. I’ve never even seen this part of pussytown before.
it’s like yu got this shit all re-upholstered or some shit. What the fuck happened?
Who, who the fuck got your pussy all re-upholstered?
AmberR: yeezy re-upholstered my pussy
yu know what, i got to thank yeezy.
and when i see that nigga imma thank him. imma buy his album, imma download that motherfucker imma shoot a bootlegger!
that’s how good i feel about this nigga
oww, i still can’t believe you got me this watch. this exact motherfucka I wanted!
even with the bezel! this is the motherfucker i wanted. I saw this shit, I saw it,
twista had this on in The Source. i member, twista had this shit on in The Source.that’s right, that’s
right! yo yo babe, yo yo this is the best birthday ever!
where you learn to treat a nigga like this?
AmberR: yeezy thought me
yeezy thought you well, yeezy thought you well.

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