Sunday, February 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge For That Ass: Day Uno

Day 01 - The most recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

  1. when ever i want to be my most psycho i go on facebook
  2. my favorite color is never announced
  3. am fat because my mom and grandma made me eat chicken and now i love it
  4. the only internet in my house is in my sisters room -_____-
  5. when ever its cold like a mofo i go to sleep faster
  6. my assholeness never stops for anyone
  7. pretty much all my friends are mexican and asian
  8. when ever i pose for a picture am like zoolander and i do the same thing everytime
  9. i judge books by its cover but thats what their there for
  10. on the topic of judge, judge judy is my life time favorite judge of all time(kanye west)
  11. my room is clean when its wants to be clean it has a mind of its own
  12. chipotle never had me going to the bathroom all the time like others
  13. i will never delete anything i create on the internet (twitter,myspace,blogger,facebook ect.)
  14. am obsessed with pin ups and nik nacks
  15. when i have a new blogger idea it takes me like a week until i post it

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